Exponential ideas at play.

TG is a sandbox for creative game designers (TGD) and daring players (TGP) to play fun games and to challenge the society and the system of what can and cannot be achieved.
Enter the world of freedom to create and to break. Experience the exponential force, as we unleash it on the world and on you, through a series of games.
Change everything, redefine what is possible and remember – play to win.
Your journey and your experience will never be linear again.


Game designers develop the games that are out of this world and out of their mind. Limited only by their imagination to develop unbelievable games and challenges for the players and the world.


TG games are a phenomena. They are conjured up to challenge, to entertain and to build an unforgettable experience and a journey for everyone from a witness to a participate.


Everyone is a player in the Tiergames, but not everyone is playing to win and to push Tiergames to the next tier, and the next big game. They think and live exponentially, they know the secret.